The Paddocks

Dog Walking in Secure Paddocks

2 dogs running field

Paddock 1

A secure 3 acre field with surrounding 5ft fence. Mainly short grass with natural looking obstacles for your dog(s) to enjoy and a shallow pond to splash in.

Wheelchair access.

Paddock 2

A secure 12 acre field with 5ft surrounding fence. Some short grass with natural looking obstacles and a large shallow pond. A large area of rough grass for a longer walk.

paddock 3

Paddock 3

A secure 5 acre field surrounded by a 6ft fence away from the other two paddocks on the opposite side of the A1101. Short and long grass with obstacles for play and training. A shallow pond by Easter 2022.

This Paddock has been developed for reactive dogs, the sessions are for ¾ hr leaving 10 min for clients to vacate the car park so that dogs and owners will not be stressed.

Parking and Necessities

A fenced car park serves paddocks 1 and 2 and
Paddock 3 has its own car park.
Bins for dog waste are provided.
Please use them and leave the paddocks clean.