Pricing and Booking

Dog walking in secure paddocks

Paddock 1

£9 per hour,

for up to 5 dogs
Or 30 minutes for £5

Paddock 2

£11 per hour,

for up to 5 dogs
Or 30 minutes for £7

Paddock 3

£10 per 3/4 hour,

for up to 5 dogs

Clubs or Trainers please contact us on 07765690640.

Clients are required to pay for booking in advance using the online booking system.
Payments can be made via Stripe using a debit or credit card.

If you have more than 5 dogs, you can take extra dogs at £2 per additional dog.
To pay for this please call 07765690640 to pay.

** Please Note**

Bins for dog waste are provided, please use them at all times and leave the paddocks clean.
It is your responsibility to pick up after your dog.


You should receive a confirmation email with a combination code for the gate. If it doesn’t arrive in your inbox, please check your junk mail.

You will get access to the car park and paddock at the start time. The paddock should be available for the next person at the end of your session.

Please allow 10 minutes to vacate the paddock and car park before the end of your time slot.  This allows time to free up access to the car park and paddock for the next person.

We would appreciate you leaving the paddocks in good condition. Please use the dog waste bins provided.


Thank you

Refusal of booking or rescheduling of bookings

Clients who do not turn up for their booking or leave the Paddock early will still be liable for the whole of the hire charge.

KHDP reserve the right to refuse any application for booking without giving a reason for refusal’.

KHDP reserves the right to withdraw permission to use the Paddock. In special circumstances, KHDP may refund payment made, but in no circumstances are we liable for an expense incurred or loss by the Client as a result of a cancellation at our sole discretion.

Should a client wish to cancel a session, a minimum of 24 hrs notice must be provided. If the cancellation is within 24 hrs KHDP reserves the right not to provide a refund.


KHDP shall have the right to cancel any booking forthwith in the event that KHDP is affected by an emergency ‘Act of God’ of any kind. KHDP will refund any booking fees paid in these circumstances.

Right of Entry

KHDP shall be allowed access at anytime onto the paddocks to carry out inspections. Any decisions made by KHDP regarding safety and fitness of use will be binding.

Indemnity and Insurance

In keeping with the law regarding responsible dog ownership, the client is entirely responsible for their dog(s) and their safety whilst at KHDP.

KHDP are not responsible and will not accept liability for any loss, damage, injury or death howsoever and by whomsoever caused, whether to property or person(s) sustained by any person using KHDP.

The client is responsible for all safety aspects of KHDP, in the Paddocks and car park during the hire period.


We only retain your contact details in the event of having to contact you regarding your booking.

The information is not shared with any other parties. 


Health and Safety

The client has exclusive use of the Paddock for their allocated booking. Under no circumstance should dogs be left unattended at anytime.

If your dog (s) or any they live with, show any signs of ill health (diarrhoea, vomiting, kennel cough or general lethargy) please reschedule for a time when the dog(s) are fit and well. If it is short notice, please contact us.

If your dog(s) show ill health following a visit to the Paddocks, please inform us so that we can disinfect for the health and safety of other dogs.

There is strictly a NO SMOKING policy on any of the parks. Breaking this policy will incur banning.

Any children accompanying the dogs must be supervised by the client at all times.

The client will not permit the operation or release of high flying objects without permission from KHDP, Mildenhall Airbase or the Civil Aviation Authority.

The client will not bring any flammable or explosive object or any oil, gas, electrical or other apparatus.